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Grab your tent and let's camp!

We have gone to some neat places over the years.  We have been to Gettysburg, Blue Rocks, West Point, Ockanickon, Hawk Mountain, and Resica Falls to name a few.  We also backpack to local campgrounds such as Green Lane, and have even backpacked along the Appalachian Trial.

Our Scouts RSVP via Scoutbook for the camping trips with the RSVP closing Friday the week before the trip.  This allows the Scouts to create camping patrols, and for the troop to confirm with the campsite if needed.

All camping trips are patrol cooking unless otherwise noted.  Patrol cooking is where Scouts plan, purchase, and cook their food.  They plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Saturday, Sunday breakfast, and any snacks.  Patrol menus are reviewed by an adult to make sure there are proteins, fruits and vegetables, food prep is reasonable, and some learning is involved.


Each camping trip has a hike of some sort.  Scouts plan accordingly for the weather as we cam about 10 to 11 times each year.


All camping trips require a consent form.  A prepopulated consent form can be printed from the Scoutbook event.

As always, camping is about getting away from technology. Please do not bring any electronic devices.  Many Scouts have phones which can be used as a tool. If a Scout or adult leader asks you to use it to do research that is ok. However, if you are using your phone excessively Mr. Verguldi (scoutmaster) will gladly secure it safely in his car until the end of the camping trip.

High Adventure Camping Options

High Adventure

We are looking for feedback and leadership for future high adventure summer camps.  As a troop, we need to book 18 months in advance.  If you are a Scout who is interested in having the troop attend a high adventure camp as a group, here is what you need to do.

  1. Let your Senior Patrol Leader and Scoutmaster know

  2. Convince other Scouts

  3. Find adults willing to attend and help guide

Another option is you could attend a high adventure camp through the Cradle of Liberty council.  You would be joining other Scouts from the council to form a contingent troop.  Cradle of Liberty has details at  This is an option if the troop plans a different high adventure camp than you would like to attend.

High Adventure Camps / Bases Websites

Philmont Scout Ranch -

Northern Tier -

Sea Base -

Summit Bechtel Reserve -

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